Inventus Power

Powering Innovation Together

Custom Power Supplies

Our Engineers Can Design and Deliver a Modified Standard or 100% Custom Power Supply to Satisfy the Most Stringent Requirements

With more than 40 years of experience in designing high quality supplies, we are able to work from a broad range of existing design platforms to deliver a customized solution with minimal development time.

Our expert engineers utilize the latest topologies and employ conservative design standards to produce power systems that are highly efficient, compact in size and of superior quality. The combination of high reliability, high efficiency and innovative design makes our power solutions the preferred choice among major OEMs.

Custom Power Supplies For Data Servers

Reliability is critical for proper management of enterprise data systems, and our process for developing and implementing customized solutions makes Inventus Power the industry choice for powering and protecting crucial data systems.

Along with our power supply solutions, we are the only single-source provider of complete power systems from supplies to batteries to chargers.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Custom Designs From 5-2000 Watts
  • DC and AC Inputs
  • DC and AC Outputs
  • Ultra Wide Input Range
  • Single and Multiple Outputs
  • Custom Mechanical Configurations
  • High Power Densities
  • High Efficiencies (> 95% For Single Outputs)
  • N+1 Redundancy and Hot Swap Capabilities
  • Microprocessor Control: I2C/IPM /SMBus/PMBus
  • Special Ultra Low Noise Capabilities
  • HALT/HASS Testing and Demonstrated MTBF

Modified Standards

Inventus Power has the capability to modify our standard power supplies to meet custom specifications. With a broad standard power platform, we can quickly deliver a modified power solution in as little as three weeks.

Modified options include:

  • Custom Connectors
  • Custom Input Power Cords
  • Custom Output Cord Lengths
  • Custom Imprinting and Labeling
  • Special Options Including Ferrite Cores and Overmolding