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ICCNexergy & Palladium Merge, Forming One of the World’s Largest Portable Power Solutions Providers

MAY 4, 2015 (CHICAGO) – KRG Capital Partners (“KRG”) announced today that it has acquired Palladium Energy, Inc. (“Palladium”), an industry leader in customized power solutions. This marks KRG’s second investment in its portable power solutions buy-and-build strategy, which began in 2014 with the acquisition of ICCNexergy, Inc. (“ICCN”), a global leader in the design…

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ICCNexergy Introduces Rugged Lithium-Ion 12 Volt Battery For Seismic Exploration

Learn More WESTCHESTER, IL, (February 19, 2015) — ICCNexergy, Inc. (www.iccnexergy.com), a global leader in the design and manufacture of rechargeable power systems, today announced the release of its seismic 12V, 18Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack solution. The new SS-18 Battery is a rugged outdoor product that operates effectively in the extreme environmental conditions of the…

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Lithium-Ion Power for Data Storage and Servers Article

This ICCNexergy article, published in The Data Center Journal, outlines the new battery options becoming available for IT and Telco data centers, and benchmarks the new technologies relative to the traditional Lead Acid batteries. New battery chemistries covered will include Lithium-Ion, Iron Phosphate, polymers and related BMS (Battery Management System) intelligence. This analysis will address…

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Li-Ion Battery Charging: Implementing VVT Digital Charge Control Increases Charging Efficiency

October 18, 2013 — Conventional CC/CV analog methods for charging Li-Ion batteries don’t take into account the internal series resistance, or interface contact resistive losses during charging, which increases battery charging time and compromises system efficiency. Conversely, active digital management of the charge cycle eliminates these resistive losses during charging, efficiently charging batteries.

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Webcasts / Presentations

View our archived webcast on New Battery Technology for Portable & Stationary Devices

Does your product roadmap take advantage of the latest battery technology becoming available for mobile/portable/stationary devices? Battery technology can be used to innovate and differentiate your devices that are under development. ICCNexergy conducted a live webcast hosted by UBM TechOnline for the purpose of educating engineers on all design considerations when developing battery-powered devices, including updates on…

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Regulatory Updates

Summary of Significant Regulatory Updates from 2014 and Looking Forward to 2015

Regulatory oversight of electronic and battery products continues to be a changing landscape. Recent trends include increasing national-level regulation and oversight in addition to the international and domestic US agency standards with which we are familiar (i.e. CE, UL, UN/DOT, FCC and soon FDA). ICCNexergy’s products are now, or will soon be subject to additional…

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Environmental and Conflict Mineral Policy

Hazardous Substance Free Policy ICCNexergy, Inc. continuously works with our customers and suppliers to promote a highly environmental and ethically responsible supply chain. ICCNexergy ensures that all products developed and manufactured by ICCNexergy complies with RoHS, REACH, and WEEE international regulatory directives, limiting the use of hazardous substances and certifying our materials and sourcing practices…

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